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6 Tips on Keeping Your Skin Looking Young

Your skin reflects your age and health, and many people want to keep their skin - especially on their face - looking young. There are treatments that can help, but also everyday things you can do to help keep your skin looking its best. Here are some tips.

1. Hydration

Keeping skin moist is important, and when most people think of moisturizing their skin, their thoughts turn to lotions and creams. Those certainly have their place, but hydration occurs from the inside-out, too. Drinking plenty of water is important for healthy skin, and it's something that is often overlooked. Experts recommend 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.

2. Sun Protection

Daily sun protection is essential for preventing sun-induced age spots and a "leathery" look that comes from too much sun exposure. Despite what some people say about a tan making them look "healthier," the sun can be very drying and damaging to skin. Try a daily moisturizer or make-up that contains sunscreen. Some products combine subtle coverage, sun protection, and moisturizing all in one.

3. Sleep

Have you ever heard of "beauty rest"? There's a reason for that terminology! Lack of sleep can make skin look aged and saggy, and we all know about those dark circles and bags under the eyes that show up when we don't get enough sleep.

Sources say that it's not just the amount of sleep you get; it's when you get your eight hours. Sleeping from midnight to 8am, for example, has been shown to be a less restful sleep than sleeping from 10pm to 6am. Maybe the old adage "early to bed and early to rise" applies to skin health as well!

4. Before You Sleep...

It's said that night-time is when your skin repairs and heals itself. So right before bed is considered the best time to apply moisturizer to clean skin. This is a good time to moisturize those "problem" areas around your eyes and the corners of your mouth, too.

5. Be at Peace

Experts warn about the effects of worry, anxiety, and stress on your facial skin. Practice prayer, meditation, relaxation exercises, or whatever works for you to provide inner peace. It will show on your face.

6. Eat Well

Healthy foods are key to young-looking skin. Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables daily as you can, and build meals around plant foods, keeping lean proteins and starches in the background. Whole grains, nuts, seeds, and fatty avocados may help skin due to the healthy oils and nutrients found in those foods.

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