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is a puzzle of complexity.

Douglas Horton


Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Cristina Macena. I am a nature lover, a mother of two young adults who love natural skin care products (my greatest motivators!), and the formulator and founder of Palu Botanicals. 

I'm originally from Brazil, where nature abounds. Growing up in Brazil, I always felt connected with nature. My best childhood memories are in nature: running barefoot on the grass, picking up flowers, swimming in beautiful rivers. Nature had a way to relax me and make me happy. I always thought that nature is very complex, but yet it has an indescribable simplicity. Its simplicity attracts me. 
After moving to the US and living a very busy life with work and family, I felt like that connection had been broken, and I was out of balance. I had a hectic life, everything was so intricate, and I found myself in desperate need of going back to that simple lifestyle. In 2016 I went back to school and started studying Natural Health & Nutrition (B.S., M.S.) with the University of Natural Health. Soon after, I targeted my interest in the formulation of natural products. I also enrolled in the Organic Skincare Formulation program by Formula Botanica, the world's leading accredited Organic Cosmetic Science School. Studying herbs, plants, and all the wonderful and powerful natural ingredients available brought me back to what once gave me a sense of identity: nature!
I believe that nature is perfect in its simplicity, and a good skincare product doesn't need a humongous list of ingredients to be good. I tried to find skincare products that were effective and simple in their essence with less than ten ingredients on their labels and no harmful chemicals, but I couldn't find them! I wanted something simple but packed with all the goodness of oils, plants, and flowers. That's why I have dedicated my time (3 years to be exact!) studying, researching, and creating high-performance products that are gentle, safe, totally natural, and nourishing to the skin! In the process, I have founded my own natural skincare brand: Palu Botanicals.
Palu Botanicals products use fewer ingredients in their formulation, but they overflow in quality and excellence. They are 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan, and handmade in small batches with lots of love! So I invite you to go back to the best of nature and find the sophistication of nature's simplicity for your skin and lifestyle. See our products here.

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Studies and Expertise: 

University of Natural Health

- Natural Health & Nutrition, B.S.

AFPA Health, Nutrition & Fitness

- Certified Integrative Nutritionist 

Formula Botanica, world's leading accredited Organic Cosmetic Science School

- Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation

Academy of Nutrition

- Diploma in Skin Nutrition

Juice Master Academy

- Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner

Cristina Macena

Founder & Owner of Palu Botanicals

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