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HD Online Player (the Legend Of Bhagat Singh Ajay Devg) baltagg




The film was released on 4 October 2002. Plot In the 1920s, the Lucknow session of the Imperial Legislative Council debates whether to drop the British rule in India. The British refuse to give in, and the parliament is dissolved. In the ensuing tumult, a state leader, Nathuram Godse, is shot dead by an assassin, Ramji Bhajan. This is the beginning of the Indian independence movement. In 1955, Sukhdev is a young boy, living a quiet, happy life in a small village, close to the Indian-Pakistan border. He grows up to be a principled young revolutionary, joining the young subalterns of the Indian National Army (INA). He is to become one of the heroes of the struggle for Indian independence. In the same era, Mr. Anand (Ajay Devgn) is a farmer and one of the elder statesmen of his community. He is generous and charitable. But he feels that the young of his community are restless and disillusioned with the feudal feudalistic system in place. Hence, he decides to start a new kind of school and train the youth of the village. He names this new project "Kanya Gyan Sansthan", literally meaning "Anand's School". His idealism and zeal, which are unmatched, for the service of humanity, makes him a favourite among the locals. At this time, the Indian National Congress leader Maulana Bhagat Singh and his accomplices Hindustan Hari Dal (Abdul Kalam Azad and Shivaram Rajguru) and Chittaranjan Das are already in jail for their revolutionary activities. During the jail terms, Bhagat Singh meets the members of "Kanya Gyan Sansthan". This is the turning point of their lives. Kanya Gyan Sansthan graduates now becomes the Indian National Army. Abdul Kalam Azad becomes its first commander-in-chief. Azad and Shivaram Rajguru establish base camps in the villages of Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab and Afghanistan. One day, the local police chief takes Bhagat Singh to a secret meeting with his political master Sardar Patel and British Commissioner-General Sir Francis Dodds (Vikram Gokhale). The master plan is to gather all the revolutionary factions of the country under one flag—Indian National Army. But, the team is warned that if they are caught, the most severe punishment is




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HD Online Player (the Legend Of Bhagat Singh Ajay Devg) baltagg

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